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Schon Packaging carries only top quality polypropylene bags and woven bags. Our polypropylene bags and woven bags will ensure your items will stay fresh. We carry many different kinds, including sand bags, fertilizer bags, and seed bags. Schon has been helping companies find the best bags for over 40 years.

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  • I have dealt with Schon packaging for many years, they have been the most consistent supplier of packaging I have used, quality, pricing and integrity. They stand behind the packaging we buy from them and if there is any problem they rectify it. I have no fear of recommending them to even my own customers.
    Lawn & Garden Industry
  • I have been doing business with Larry and the team at Schon Packaging for 30 years. They keep track of my ordering habits and trends and work closely with me to make sure I always have product available when I need it. Fair pricing, good people, and great customer service keep me with the team at Schon Packaging.
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  • I had the privilege of working with Schon Packaging on numerous projects over the last year and a half. Schon’s team is a highly organized, goal oriented, and an all-around great group of hard working individuals. They are always ready to put all of their energy and stamina to get the job done. Schon’s team is very well educated on the assortment of flexible packaging offered in the market today. I really enjoy working with them!
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We're Your One-Stop Source for Polypropylene Bags in SE Michigan

Most polypropylene bags are both woven and non-woven thermoplastic, and are used in many differing types of bags. Their durable construction make them ideal for filling with sand, fertilizer, seeds, or many other materials. In fact, because of the low cost associated with their production, polypropylene bags continue to be a popular choice in the packaging industry. Woven bags are created by weaving polymer fibers perpendicularly, creating durable, moisture-resistant sheets. Conversely, non-woven bags are created by using these same polymer fibers and melting them together, creating a durable moisture and contaminant barrier sheet.

Woven polypropylene bags are indeed stronger than their non-woven counterpart, still both serve their desired purpose well. Our experts can help when the decision has to be made. It's crucial to discuss your packaging needs before you purchase. Details of construction, such as heat-sealed seams vs. stitched seams, can factor into the successful use of your polypropylene bags.

Best of all, for the environmentally-conscious buyer, our polypropylene bags such as sand bags, seed bags, or fertilizer bags, are recyclable. This is done by melting the bags at a very high temperature to get rid of any possible contaminants. The leftover material is then often mixed or blended into another material. Our experts have been in the packaging industry for over 30 years. We have many years of helping satisfied clients determine the proper bags to serve specific purposes. Give us a call today to discuss your packaging needs, you’ll be happy you did.

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Our custom print bags are among the clearest, most durable, and most vibrant in the industry. Whether your packaging requires one color, two-color, or the full rainbow, when you buy from Schon, you know your brand will stand out from the competition.