Huge Variety of Bulk Paper Bag Styles to Choose From

Not all bulk paper bags are created the same. Schon uses the highest quality to ensure proper protection for your items. From handle bags to SOM bags, we will work with you to find the proper product at the right price point. We also specialize in labels and customizing your paper bags to show your logo and any other writing that your bags need. Great prices and turnaround times for valve bags, sewn open mouth bags, pinch bottom bags, satchel bags and shopping bags, and more.

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  • I have dealt with Schon packaging for many years, they have been the most consistent supplier of packaging I have used, quality, pricing and integrity. They stand behind the packaging we buy from them and if there is any problem they rectify it. I have no fear of recommending them to even my own customers.
    Lawn & Garden Industry
  • I have been doing business with Larry and the team at Schon Packaging for 30 years. They keep track of my ordering habits and trends and work closely with me to make sure I always have product available when I need it. Fair pricing, good people, and great customer service keep me with the team at Schon Packaging.
    Rubber Industry
  • I had the privilege of working with Schon Packaging on numerous projects over the last year and a half. Schon’s team is a highly organized, goal oriented, and an all-around great group of hard working individuals. They are always ready to put all of their energy and stamina to get the job done. Schon’s team is very well educated on the assortment of flexible packaging offered in the market today. I really enjoy working with them!
    Flexible Packaging

Your Single Source for Paper Bags in SE Michigan

Paper bags are a classic in the packaging industry. Most often, they are constructed using brown kraft paper made of chemical pulp, pressed to perfection for a wide range of durability and purposes. We offer a variety of paper bags to serve your packaging needs, including pasted valve bags, open mouth paper bags, pinch bottom bags, satchel bottom paper bags, and the ever-popular paper shopping bags everyone knows.

Paper bags most often come in two colors, brown or white, though other colors are available. Brown bags are more common than white bags. However, a company logo or other text and images can really pop using a white bag. Paper bags offer a wide range of durability with regard to rips and tears, depending on the purpose of their use. 

While paper bags are not waterproof, they can be moisture resistant if liners are used. They also tend to be heavier than their plastic counterpart. However, most paper bags can withstand more pressure or weight than plastic bags. Paper weight in bags range from standard-duty to heavy-duty, both serve a specific purpose and have unique benefits to serve your needs best. We have decades of experience in the field and look forward to speaking with you regarding how best to accommodate your packaging needs. Call us today to get started, you’ll be glad you did.

Let Us Add Some Eye Candy to Your Bag
When it comes to first impressions, make sure your brand puts its best face forward.

Our custom print bags are among the clearest, most durable, and most vibrant in the industry. Whether your packaging requires one color, two-color, or the full rainbow, when you buy from Schon, you know your brand will stand out from the competition.