4-Panel Bags


The 4-Panel Bulk Bags are constructed from 4 separate pieces of material which make up its four sides. An additional two pieces are stitched in, making up the top and bottom of the bag. Since they are well-known to hold their shape when filled, they are ideal for shipping and storage. Typically, these bags will also have four lifting loops for easy handling and lifting.

Common Uses

  • Chemicals, Minerals, Salt, Rice
  • Foodstuffs, Sugar, Seed, Detergents
  • Grain, Clay, Flour, Plastics
  • Beans, Fertilizer, Resins, Pharmaceuticals
  • Cements, Dyes, Nuts, Refractory Products

Available Features:

  • Food and Pharmaceutical-Grade Material
  • Inspection Ports: Inspect Contents Without Opening Bag
  • Sieve Design: Solids stay, liquids leave
  • Anti-Static Materials
  • Liners for Hygienic Transport or Storage, Offering Protection Against Moisture, Contamination
  • Low-Temp Resistance
  • Full-Bottom Discharge: Complete Material Removal, Regardless of Caking or Bridging
  • Offset Discharge: Complete Material Removal, No Elevation Required
  • Remote Discharge: Complete Material Removal, No Need to Reach Underneath


  • Food Grade
  • Type A, B, C and D
  • UN Certified

Style for Top:

  • Open Mouth
  • Duffle
  • Fill Spout

Style for Bottom:

  • Flat
  • Spout
  • Full Drop Bottom
  • Conical

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